Welcome to the College Admissions Resource Center (CARC). The CARC is available to all Dixon Unified School District (DUSD) students, and contains advice, information, forms, and other materials related to:
(1) College Admissions;
(2) Destination College Advising Core (DCAC);
(3) College Counseling Services;
(4) College Admissions Program (CAP);
(5) Independent Study (DHSIS);
(6) Advancement Via Individual Determination (AVID);
(7) College Admissions Resources Center (CARC) Blog; and
(8) English as a Second Language (ESL) Program

College Admissions (Upper Left Toolbar):  College-bound students can obtain information regarding college applications, college admission, scholarships, financial aid, and other topics. Students can review college profiles, compare themselves with those admitted, and select colleges to apply to. There are useful charts, advice articles, and links to websites with information on colleges.

It is the mission of DUSD to help every student who wants to attend college to achieve that goal. To accomplish this, DUSD is building a supportive environment and network of people in order to give students the best possible chance at being accepted into the college of their choice. Every DUSD student who wants to attend college will be encouraged, supported, and helped.

Destination College Advising Core (DCAC) (Middle Left Toolbar) DCAC is a new college program offered at Dixon High School. The program is designed to serve all students by providing specialized college information and assistance. DCAC works closely with students and staff members, providing both whole-school services and individual student counseling regarding college. The DCAC mission is to make college possible for all students.

College Counseling Services (Lower Left Toolbar) Counselors at DHS are available to help you succeed in high school and to also advise you about college opportunities. DHS students are encouraged to make appointments with our counselors to: (1) Review DHS course requirements for high school graduation; (2) Review A-G course requirements for college admissions; (3) Obtain assistance with college applications, the admissions process, tuition, scholarships, AP courses, SAT, ACT, etc.

English as a Second Language (ESL) Program (Lower Left Toolbar) The ESL Program offers English language courses (reading, writing, and speaking) to improve language and communication skills. The ESL Courses are taught by Solano Community College (SCC) faculty, and are held in the evenings at Dixon High School (DHS). The ESL Courses are all Pass/No Pass. All adult community members are invited to register. However, priority in registration and seating will be given to parents of DHS students.

College Advancement Program (CAP) (Upper Right Toolbar): Dixon Unified School District has partnered with Solano Community College (SCC) to offer college courses at Dixon High School. College-bound students can take college courses at the high school and receive dual-credit towards both thei high school and college degrees.

Independent Study (Middle Right Toolbar):   Dixon High School Independent Study (DHSIS) supports a huge array of  educational opportunities for Grade K-12 students enrolled in the Dixon Unified School District (and in particular, Grade 9-12 students enrolled at Dixon High School). Students have flexibility in choosing coursework from a variety of curriculum settings, including courses offered in the traditional Dixon High School (DHS) classrooms, at the local community colleges and universities, through approved distance learning or online formats, and/or courses taken directly on a one-to-one basis with a certified DHSIS teacher.

Independent Study course work is equal or greater  in quality and quantity to traditional classroom instruction, with many more options and opportunities. DHSIS provides a distinctive learning platform that engages students, parents/guardians, and staff in a collaboration that provides an excellent learning environment for students. It permits students to take personal ownership of their education and to advance their education in a variety of ways, including Dual-Credit Enrollment, Credit Recovery, etc. DHSIS strives to provide educational choice. Students who pursue their education through Independent Study are still full-time DHS students and participate in athletics and extracurricular activities in the same way as students who attend traditional DHS classes. Many DHSIS students are able to earn tuition-free college credits, successfully launching them on the post-secondary education road to an AA/AS or BA/BS degree.

Advancement Via Individual Determination (AVID) (Middle Right Toolbar): AVID is a program that helps DHS students prepare for college. The AVID College Readiness System (ACRS) improves learning, teaches fundamental student skills (studying skills, organizational skills, etc.) for success in school, and motivates students to do their best. Since 1980, the AVID College Readiness System has helped students achieve academic success and enter college. AVID is an elective course at DHS.

College Admissions Resource Center (CARC) Blog (Lower Right Toolbar):  CARC Blog articles are divided into six categories: (1) College Admissions; (2) DCAC; (3) Counseling; (4) College Advancement; (5) Independent Study; and (6) AVID. Learn more about what’s going on for college-bound students at the CARC Blog.